Business Analytics for Title Insurers

Forecasting + Trending + Compliance


TitleM is a web-based service designed specifically to meet the needs of the Title Insurance business.  The service provides integration of current, legacy, acquisition and archived information to shape strong compliance initiatives, provides a title specific CRM, and a reporting system that aggregates data from all sources.

This state-of-the-art tracking system boasts secure and selective access to all reports, based on the hierarchy of the title company. So, for the first time, executives at the corporate level are able to login to TitleM and produce customizable reports by selecting the date range, the brand, region, state, county, or branch of interest and narrow the search by title revenue, open & closed orders per day, commercial orders, title claims paid, and open and closed purchase orders. The detailed reports are capable of producing valuable comparison information by viewing a chart or grid or exporting to excel.

Companies that rely on spreadsheets, manual data manipulation and sporadic reports limit their ability to make proactive decisions. TitleM offers the integration of data from all departments of the company, time savings, and accuracy resulting in an organized ‘data structured’ delivery of secure reporting.

Trusting the TitleM technology offers broad company collaboration and advantages in responding to unpredictable change, while reducing costs & maximizing profits in the pursuit of market dominance.