Business Analytics for Title Insurers

Forecasting + Trending + Compliance


Local, Regional and National Reporting System

The TitleM integrated data provides a vision from an enterprise wide perspective by effectively merging all of the title company systems, past and present.   This innovative platform significantly contributes to the accuracy of bench-marking, trending and forecasting decisions made at the highest levels.  Company acquisitions, archived data, legacy systems, and all current software in use are merged.  The results are reports that are organized by brand, region, and division while the report searches can be further broadened or narrowed by date range, company or customer.  Production details, expense reports, invoicing and complaint tracking are visualized by state of the art graphics.


Integrated Acquisition, Archived, Legacy and Current Systems provide transparency.

The innovative technology is a state of the art integration system connecting all data. This consolidation of information delivers detailed analytics specific to the title industry. The TitleM seamless integration of your company systems can include, but are not limited to the following:

Report Samples

  • Brand, branch, state, region, division comparisons
  • Revenue, expenses, production
  • Open orders total region/brand/division
  • Closed orders total, national average
  • Company order totals
  • Billable customer service invoices
  • Complaint tracking
  • Reports by date range
  • Marketing event expense tracking
  • Marketer expense reports
  • Employee number per title order
  • Revenue per title order
  • Customer service requests vs business received
  • Customer service trending requests
  • Order potential vs actual orders received


Executives have 100% access to all reports.

The reporting levels have a customizable entrance  based on the company organizational chart.  Division presidents and regional managers access reports applicable to specific branches and departments of supervision while a branch marketer, for example, can access personal production history.  These Custom reports produce improved visibility of orders, expenses, and compliance oversight at every level of the company.