CRM services within TitleM provide powerful tools built specifically for the title insurance business.  These tools and the integration of third party software effectively increases market share by reducing cost per new client and build brand loyalty through superior customer service.  Viewing metrics on customer order potential vs. actual orders received illustrates opportunities for profitable growth.


Aggregating all data in TitleM helps to shape strong company initiatives while building trust with industry regulators.  Centralized data provides detailed reporting to validate adherence to compliance regulations and the suggested ALTA Pillars related to client interaction, expenses, and complaints.  Implementing a proactive regulatory compliance solution helps to reduce expenses and maintain continued success.



TitleM provides full data integration of all acquisition, legacy, archived, and current systems.  Improved visibility of orders, expenses, and compliance at every level of business provides company executives historical, current and predictive data.  The integrated data provides a vision from an enterprise wide perspective significantly contributing to the accuracy of trending and forecasting.



Custom reports can be organized by brand, local office, region, and division. All existing and newly acquired systems are integrated to enable an accurate illustration of company performance. The corporate organizational structure determines access allowing the executive team to view reports from a local to national level.

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Trusting the TitleM technology offers broad company collaboration and advantages in responding to unpredictable change, while reducing costs & maximizing profits in the pursuit of market dominance.